Charlotte Plumbing Scams or How To Avoid Plumbing Rip-Offs

Charlotte Plumbing ScamsAn Abundance of Charlotte Plumbing Scams and Other Home Improvement Con Schemes

Charlotte plumbing scams are no exception to the general theme of home improvement swindles. They carry the same consumer burden as any other customized rip-off plan. Financial losses can be small or large. Sometimes a Charlotte plumbing con scheme only involves a small retainer fee to the door-to-door plumbing contractor who never returns to perform the job. Other times the cost of the scam can include the price of a whole house water purification system that you never receive.

According to the Department of Justice, thousands of U.S. consumers routinely fall victim to some form of fraudulent home improvement swindle. Con artists know how to nudge a homeowner’s fear meter, present an ideal solution and then offer a “one-time-only” deal that is simply too good to ignore.

From shoddy workmanship that uses low-cost “bargain” materials to manipulative sales practices that push you into replacing an undamaged well pump, scam plumbers are just as real as scam roofers and scam driveway crews.

The following tips will help you avoid getting ripped off on Charlotte plumbing repair prices, Charlotte plumbing equipment pricing or any other type of Charlotte plumbing scams.

Appliance Age – A Major Player in Appliance, Electrical and Charlotte Plumbing Scams

For the most part, Charlotte plumbers, contractors and electricians run a legitimate business and provide homeowners with the services or repairs promised. However, not every business is really a business and not every real business has your best interest at heart. In the arena of home improvement, time stands as a major ally for the Charlotte rip-off artist.

The older your home gets, the greater the chances become that some future home improvement, home appliance repair or home maintenance service will come to the surface. Appliances give way to age. Electrical components begin to short out. Rust eats through the hot water heater. From wallboard to siding and roofing to driveways, the schemers are well aware of opportunities in all areas of home repair – including those that enable down-and-dirty Charlotte plumbing scams.

From San Diego to Charlotte, Plumbing Scams Follow the Same Process

The Plumbing Swindle Sales Pitch

Door-to-door sales mark the most common home improvement rip-off process. The salesman shows up unannounced and then mentions being in the neighbor to replace garbage disposal units or some other piece of high-dollar plumbing equipment. An office foul-up serves as the explanation for the excess parts. The need to recoup the investment expenses explains the offer for low-cost installation. The only catch – The work must be performed today before the crew leaves the neighbor.

It’s a pressure sale that leaves no time for price comparisons. It may also require that you lay out a substantial down payment. It’s a red flag that every Charlotte homeowner should learn to spot.

The Plumbing Swindle

At best you get substandard components and shoddy craftsmanship. Whether dealing with a new $3500 well pump installation or a $2600 water filtration system, you get taken for a money-losing ride. At worst, you fork over the down payment and never see the disposal, the pump, filtration unit or the tankless water heater. Sometimes the work crew comes in and begins work but then the estimator needs to get back to the office in a rush. He or she requests payment in advance. Feeling comfortable with the job in process, you hand over the cash or the check. Shortly thereafter, the repair team gets called out to handle an emergency water leak. No one returns to finish the job.

Avoiding Charlotte Plumbing Scams

Protecting yourself is not difficult. Just observe the following simple tips:

  • Avoid plumbing contractors who stop in at your home unannounced
  • Never do business with a plumbing contractor sporting out-of-state vehicle license plates
  • Avoid plumbing contractors who drive vehicles that lack name branding
  • Never work with a plumber who cannot furnish a business card with name, address and a local phone number
  • Recoil from the mention of unbelievable plumbing prices
  • Never respond to limited-time pricing techniques.

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